Monday, December 28, 2009

Life is busy Part II

This is what happens, I want to post, I really miss my blog and have a million things to ramble about. This desire increases as I read all your fun blogs and see what you're up to. I don't want to take time to share my millions of photos or tell you every detail of life, so I'm just going to share again;

I'm reading
....My Upmost for His Highest, and a manual to my new Christmas camera (more on that to come)

Projects....again, beginning to learn my new camera is my major project. That, and getting life back to normal and prepping for next week-back to school. That's plenty for me, now.

In starts up again next Monday. This week I think we'll brush up on our Classical Conversations work and we're also enjoying the first of the Mrs. Pigglewiggle books. ;)

Recent dates...the evening after Christmas I went with my MIL to Macy's for the big after sale. We giggled our way through the store and were amazed when I found my (new) lost earring in the changing room I'd used hours before. Then we met up with our Ralph's for dinner. We ate until we were fat and happy, drove home and finished off the evening with some Poker and lots of laughs.

I'm thinking...that I'm ready for some good hiking. It's been awhile since we've been on a good hike and every day my boys get bigger and faster and stronger and needing the hike too.

I'm also thinking of pulling the boys out of basketball that's going to start in a few weeks. We are just busy enough and I kind of want some *ahem* quiet. Hm?

The boys....are so sweet. ;) I'm enjoying them a lot these days. They had a fabulous Christmas, getting some favorite toys AND a Wii AND a trampoline, which they have been using--even in the snow. Yes, those same Ralph's got out there in the 20' and put it up while my MIL and I were shopping.

Running....might just happen, but then again....might not. I love to run in the snow though, so does Juneau!

God is...settling our hearts. We are feeling more and more that this is a season of rest, amongst new things here in CO. He's also my friend. In a quiet-friendship season of my life right now, I'm very contented in my friendship with him.

Changes... Ralph and I have been asked to head up a college/career group in our church. We are excited to move forward with this and learn about what we'll get to do with the group. I'm looking forward to a girls' Bible Study.

Looking forward to...normal. The after-christmas-craze normal.

Favorite moments...reading to my boys. It's not all quiet uninterrupted time, like you might imagine. The boys have questions to ask and they holler out "PICTURE!" and scramble over when I tell them there is an illustration in the book. Theyr'e usually listening over their work of building or playing quietly. I love it.

Planning...yet a new format for school work for our daily stuff. This is fun work. I have some ideas for blog changes, too.

I do enjoy reading up on all of you here and there even when I can't be bothered with blogging or leaving leave a comment so I can be sure to read up on you...

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