Sunday, December 13, 2009

December Part One

Folks without lightspeed internet use, be warned; this is the heftiest of my photo blogs in quite some time. You might just want to go get yourselves a cup o' tea while the photos steep. I promise they're worth it.

Life has a way of flying by this time of year. I've been swimming in Christmas plans, shopping, super-cleaning my house and trying to enjoy the season and just hang with my family in my spare time.
Ralph gives the boys chess lessons while he's stuck off his feet.
Check out all that hair on those boys,

On top of it all, we've been sick on and off. Ralph was off his foot (on crutches) for 8 weeks and when he started getting around more he was hit with a small virus but his body took weeks to recover. This week he's feeling better, I'm so grateful because Joey's first play ran (2 rehearsals and 4 performances) this week and we were covering a lot of bases together. What a busy season.

My load was lightened when I decided last week to pull back on school. I've been reading to the boys and playing more games, baking, and that is what school has been. I'm a better mom for that decision.

Going back a little...

Thanksgiving day was Joe's 8th birthday. The years go by so fast (though the days are sometimes long) and he's just so big, and so pleasant. I'm enjoying everyday I get to spend with this sweet boy who is growing up before my eyes. We had a little party for him before Thanksgiving dinner, it was a fun day;
All my boys pictured with their cousin, Zander.

We got our tree, the boys loved decorating and redecorating;

This week I took the boys to run some errands and we had a lunch date, good fun;

The boys are taking private swim lessons too. We usually try and get the boys in a few sessions of swim lessons in the Winter but all our other activities make that harder and harder. Five private lessons have been the equivalent (in learning) to 4 sessions for each boy; cheaper and much, much less time. Eli and Nate can both swim the length of the pool now, and Joey is perfecting his breathing and strokes.

I picked up some 5x7 canvas at Michael's (40% off) for the boys to make Christmas gifts for their grandparents. I covered the table and the boys and pulled out the acrylic paints- let 'em at it. Of course they loved painting every.square.inch of each canvas and I think they'll make beautiful gifts for Grandparents. Easy and heartfelt. :)

This will be the longest blog entry ever.
I'm okay with that.

Nathan's birthday is sneaking up make sure the anticipation isn't lost in the midst of Christmas, I made him a paper chain to count down the days. He loves it of course, but still pouts when he realizes he has 20-some days to go. Every day he cuts off a link and gets one day closer.

Yes, his shirt is backward and inside out 'cause that's how we paint around here.

So that is what's been going on around here. I'm missing all of you and noting that a lot of friends just are too busy to post just now. Looking forward to reading about your lives more later...


Hazel said...

Hi Amanda~ yes, the photos were worth it. Sorry I only had two minutes today; we've done the paper chain too. I'll post tomorrow, cross your fingers, paper chain story included.

Kellie said...

Love, love, LOVE the paintings and all the beautiful pics.

Jenny said...

It was nice to catch up with you on your blog. Merry Christmas!

Lynn said...

Amanda, I loved hearing about your week. Your boys are absolutely ADORABLE. Ah, when my three boys were little... We did more playing than anything. =) The idea for painting canvases for gifts is awesome. That never crossed my mind. And the counting down days with a paper chain is great too. I'll definitely have to use that with Michaela this next year. She's still young enough for that kind of excitement!