Sunday, November 8, 2009

Winding up October

Apple-Lanterns carved for a Halloween snack. The apples were cored and stuffed with Peanut Butter. My favorite snack!

This month has gone by so quickly here. Soccer, school, surgery and Autumn have been the topics of the month. I have a few random photos floating around that I wanted to share. Bear with me while I sum up the month. My mind is always coming up with serious topics, long and interesting blog entries for you all... but these days of caring for a house, schooling and lovign three little boys and a forever-on-the-couch hubby I don't get a lot of time to really get those oh-so-interesting thoughts on paper.

October marks the end of summer around here. The garden is officially done, and I'm as sad as these sweet sunflowers are. I've got them all waiting to feed the birds for a snowy Winter day.
...and so then we celebrate by using cookie cutters on our cheese to make these cute little guys. I saw the idea over at Chasing Cherrios. The boys wanted more before they'd even started eating them, of course. As is our tradition (until our trees fill out a bit more) I took the boys to the park for a grand leaf jump. It was good friend. Nate was handy with the rake and the boys ran and played in the masses of leaves.After a trip to Costco the boys literally fought over the rolls of tp....they had a wonderful time building and bowling the toilet paper rolls. Perfect, functional Christmas Gift.And Halloween breakfast (cause we like to celebrate with Pumpkins)A little Curious George has a fantastic time collecting goodies at the harvest party we went to on the 31st. We "made" all our costumes...Eli helped me to make the ears and tail of his costume. I couldn't get him to wear the "scratchy" brown pants. Nate dressed as a soccer player and Joey (who else?) Luke Skywalker. It was fun night, but we missed having Ralph around...he was brushing up on his Chess skills at home.

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Jenny said...

One year my mama cored apples and put seasonal flowers in them and gave them out as gifts. The juice from the apple keeps the flowers hydrated.