Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Take a Hike.

So, for real....this has not been an easy week. Um, make that two. Two tough weeks for me and I'm weary of it.

Today has been better, and I think tomorrow will be better yet. But I was so encouraged when I read this fun idea of a "Teacher Supply Box." The idea is that all teaching moms all have those days... the days when we just need a little something extra, a little push in the right direction.

These are the things Angela keeps in her Teacher Supply Box;

• A packet of a sweet coffee mix, hot chocolate, or your favorite tea bag.
• Your favorite candy. Or two.
• A couple of cards or letters from your husband or kids. (If they haven’t made you any lately, ask them to!)
• Your version of Post It notes. Am I the only mom obsessed with paper supplies? A fresh new pack of sticky notes would do my heart good! What would be your post its?
• A copy of your family mission statement.
• Some of your favorite quotes, poems, or scripture verses on teaching.
• A CD of uplifting music.
• An inexpensive timer. Set it for thirty minutes and take a well-deserved break. Usually, the days when you think you can’t afford a break are the days you need one most!
• A small journal or notebook to collect thoughts.

I love all those things. But for sure I have my own thing to add to that list--

A Walk. A Hike. Nature. Movement. Fresh Air. Quiet. Stillness.

Tonight, and I remembered how good it is to be outside. And I thought of how busy our days have been and how crummy I've been feeling. I thought of how much I wanted to get outside in the fall beauty.

We did. Kids got coats, hats & flashlights, I got my favorite (Ralph's) coat and the doggie and off we went into the fully moonlit night. It was wonderful. The boys were in awe of the stars and moonlight, and loved using the flashlights of course too. My doggie is happily snuggled up to my feet now. The boys are tucked in and pooped. A perfect ending to a hectic day.

At any rate, I'm going to work on my rainy day basket tomorrow... and maybe we'll get to go on a fall collection hike in the daylight.

If you made a basket....what would be inside?

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