Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Loose tooth is now GONE!
Nathan lost his first tooth and is officially promoted to "big kid." Sigh...

These school-soccer-boy-choir-theatre-planning-filled days are leaving me with little time to even think about blogging. I'm content to be in the throes of things though, fully enjoying our school this year.

We are just diggin' Classical Conversations. It's a great thing for the kids to have class to go to once a week and it's stinking productive. I get to stay and get in on the classroom too so I'm getting new ideas for teaching all the time. The boys have memorized so much information in the last three weeks I can't believe it. I'm happy to say I've learned most of it too. :) The Ten Commandments, Greek and Roman God's, a little Latin, all about the Kingdoms of Living things and this week about the human cell- that's just the half of it! It's something else to give them this information to be retained, rather than merely introducing it and moving on. I love their presentations each week too... the boys continue to get more and more comfortable speaking before their peers. If you are interested in CC look at their website for a chapter close to you. I'll be posting more about the curriculum as time allows on my homeschooling site.

Other big news on the home front...Nate lost his first tooth. You can see up there that it's getting wiggly, and a few minutes later it was gone. He was thrilled to be in on this graduation, promoted to "big kid" in a matter of minutes. Eli really wants to be part of the hole-in-the-mouth club, but he'll have to wait a minute. Geesh!

Things are moving right along at home, we are thoroughly enjoying soccer boys. We have 5 practices a week and three games on Saturdays. It seems like a lot but because none of us "go" very often it works out just fine. We have three different levels this year. It's really, really fun to watch, especially Eli in his first year; This team has an orange thing going. See?

Well, that's all the blogging this morning can handle. Hoping to do more updating this week but for now it's off to do the early morning school rush I'm glad to do just once a week!

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