Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mas y Mas!!

IF you didn't get enough of our beach photos, you MUST head over to my friend Cathy's witty little blog and see her set.

What a very fun family to camp with, I think we had 100 little kiddos begging to go to the park or to the beach and I think that might just be all we did 'sept for staying up super late for the P clan and telling stupid stories and answering silly questions and some deep ones too. It's good to have friends to talk with, to hang with, to jump in the sand with and to pray with.

We are blessed to have a fine friendship with these folk, I hope you have such rich relationships too.

Just looking at these pics makes me wanna head back to the beach! Ahh...but I'll be glad for the mountains in the fall...

1 comment:

Amy said...

oooooo, the mountains!! Sounds fabulous right now! I can't wait either!!

Love your fresh profile, and JUST discovered your new homeschool blog! How did I miss that? Gah!

Love and can't wait for the day to connect in person!