Thursday, July 2, 2009

Suttle Lake Camping; June 2009

This beach is one of my favorites because the shore is small stones rather than sand that comes home with us.

Suttle Lake, OR

Joey lost tooth number three on our camping trip, biting into a s'mores, of course.
Mom and Meg at their crossword puzzle
My handsome man, relaxing in the afternoon.

My dad took the boys out a little to paddle around, much to their delight.

Belly buttons all around.

Chocolate, anyone?
Nate took this photo, it's one of my favorite.
My #1 favorite part of the camper....the sink.
My #2 favorite....

Nate's find.


Amy said...

What a beautiful time, Amanda! Ahhh... I so love it! Wish I was with you guys...I would love to camp out like that! great great pics!
Enjoyed every single one!

I would so love to gab sometime about how your CM homeschooling schedule... I am reading a bunch right now about it.. Have a great great 4th!

love your blog layout too and header! Awesome!

Karyn said...

Love Suttle Lake, it's so beautiful there! Thanks for the fun pics :)