Thursday, July 9, 2009


We're almost packed, my boys are bouncing off the walls- of the car- 'cause they're so excited. Only wait! "Boys, please get out of the truck....we have to wait for dad to finish work in THREE hours. Let's go for one more little bike ride.

Just two blocks from our house is the equivalent of three empty lots waiting for the economy to bounce back so it can become a new neighborhood. The boys call it "Nothing Park." I grab a leash, water bottle, book and doggie and the boys hop on scooters and bikes to go down there and get some of that energy out.

I love Nothing Park, I can let Juneau off the leash and let him run around until he tires...this is good. He's going to the doggie-sitter this afternoon for our trip. This trip will be too much of a touristy trip for him. Anyhow, he snuck off in the trees toward the end of the boys' bike ride and I saw him eating something. Eww.

When he came back I bent to put his leash on and OH MY GOSH THAT DOG STINKS!! I am not even going to speculate on WHAT gross and disgusting thing he just ate but OH MY GOSH he stinks. I gagged. I gagged again. I gagged all the way home, mumbling how he was so gross and disgusting with a side of grosser. Joey heard all of what was happening. His first thought was, "Mom, is he going to get sick?" "No," I answer. "God made dogs so that they want to eat all kinds of gross things and they can take it." Then he responded;

"Well, look on the bright side. At least he ate."

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