Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Colorado Part 3

In Colorado Springs we visited the Cave of the Winds. It was amazing and beautiful and of course the boys loved it. We also hiked through the garden of the Gods which is a sight worthy of your time and tourism.

We had a fun afternoon in with a picnic in the park, lots of good family time to play hide and seek and just play.

In Denver we went to the local aqauarium, where the boys were given ticket for a little 3D movie and we got to eat dinner right with the fish. This was an amazing aquarium, we enjoyed every little bit of it.


Kristin said...

Amanda, it looks like you all had a wonderful time. The kids will remember this trip!!!

Amy said...

OH just have love loved looking at all your CO adventure! We CANNOT wait to get back.... such a longing in our hearts to get over there again....

What did you guys think? Was it what you had hoped for?

Karyn said...

Beautiful!! Love that picture of you and R looking at each other...wonder what day that was?

Thanks for sharing all your awesome pics!