Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Homeschool Links

I've continued on with my great collection of useful links for all things pertaining to homeschool, and will add these links to it today.

The Lost Tools of Learning by Dorothy Sayers is a download you can print out or read online if you like.

Echo In Celebration~ A call to Home-Centered Education
by Leigh Bortins is another download to read...

And remember to check out my favorite sketch blog.... this home school mama assigns the kids a subject to sketch every week then presents all the sketches in a slide show for them to view. It's inspirational seeing other kids' sketches and painless for me (a bonus). Best of all I get my boys practicing drawing. These are sketches the boys did on subject of Buttons;

Science Museums is a fun site for any family, any time of year. There will be long summer days in August when it's too hot to be out and "nothing to do...."

This site, Donna Young has a plethora of homeschool resource from info for beginners to calendars and teaching tips.

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Amy said...

Gracias for all of these, amiga!