Monday, June 29, 2009

The Climbing Mind: nature's poet

This weeks challenge goes as following:

Choose something you can see at home, a favorite part of nature. Then sketch a picture of it, realistic or abstract. Then, after thinking on that piece of God's nature, take some time and put words to it....poetry about this favorite of yours.

ALL kids can be little poets, help your little child with adjectives and colorful words to describe that object and the way they feel about it or how they appreciate it.

Bigger kids can study different kinds of rhythmic or random poetry, Haiku or work on imagery. A good english lesson. This is also a good opportunity to pick up a poetry book and read through other verse about nature.


Also, if you've been following along and haven't posted photos of your challenge, please feel free to link up in this post so we can see your challenges, past or present.

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