Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Thousand Words

Boys found a frog on the patio.

No, I don't mind holding frogs. I like them.

This photo encompasses the sheer-awesomeness of our Sunday-Funday.

A little Slip...

A little Zip (thanks to an awesomly-innovative dad)

Tiger cubs made rockets to blast off.

They went amazingly high, it was so fun for the boys.

Eli was a little timid.

Nate has been perching from the eves in the treehouse.

Breakfast in bed anyone? I got it three times this week!

Nate watches that ball and runs fast for it.

Joey gives us a thumbs up. They're both loving the ball game.

Didn't I tell you Nate took a photo of his own freckles?!? So cute!

AND Joey surprised me by unloading the dryer and carefully folding all the clothes for me. Just tell me, how cool is that? A mother's dream...

A sweet, smiley face;

My dad bought ladybugs to let loose in the garden. The boys had a great time with their nephew last weekend. (Right now I'm just lovin' the belly & button.)

Joaquin is a real peach, still. A talking and talking peach.

Eli's art (self portrait)

Joey's spring picture

Nate; self portrait.

Do you see some resemblance?

A nice squiddy little picture Eli made for me. They have faces!!

And finally, Eli with his painted birdhouse. If only we can find tiny bumble-birds...


Anonymous said...

Oh, you have a beautiful family! and Yes you better hold on tight cause it goes fast...SO fast...I can hardley believe it! It's nice meeting you...I love your play day outside...looks like a dream for the kids..Blessing Shi~

Cathy said...

I love, love, love this post! It makes me feel like we're actually there, a part of your lives! (still miss you though:))
I love how it flowed, I love the pictures. Did I mention I love it??

Anonymous said...

I love froggies too. I enjoyed seeing all your pictures.

Sarah said...

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog. I am not sure how I missed your happy homemaker Monday as I try to read through them all. I like your blog and the poem your son wrote as well! ;)

Have a great day!

Kristin said...

I loved the pictures!! Your boys are so dang cute. I wish life would slow down so we could hang out a little more. Maybe when summer comes. I hope you have a great, relaxing week in your camper. I can't wait to see all the pictures.

Jenny said...

This post brought my daughters to the computer: "I wanna see, Mom!"

Jennifer in OR said...

Love the frog! And precious artwork. :-)