Saturday, May 16, 2009

Broken Heart

Last night we had a sad, sad Joey. He was just completely broken-hearted (and overtired.) His dad and I took turns comforting him, trying to speak some crazy adult advice to a 7 year old who thought his world had ended.

What to say?

His dad encouraged him that over time and forgiveness, he would feel better.

Joey responded: "But dad, as the saying goes "Some broken hearts just can't be mended."

How very sad. I hope he's feeling better when he gets up this morning.


Anonymous said...

Oh, the little ones.

I hope his little heart is healed.

Amy said...

Ah...that is so hard!

Hope his heart is not feeling as heavy and sad today.

Hugs.. Amy

runninggal said...

What a good opportunity for him to learn that God can heal every broken heart.

How awesome for your boys to have such an amazing team for their parents.

Karyn said...

Oh sweet boy. My heart hurts for him. :(

Jenny said...

What was he so sad over?