Friday, April 3, 2009

Your Turn!!

Now, you know I would love to hear from my fellow homeschooling mamas, what do your days, weeks, months look like? Post it on your blog and let me know, I'll link you up to share YOUR experience too. This is an incredible wealth for us to share...don't hold back!!

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Jenny said...

At the N5 home, we do a lot that other's may not view as learning. Like baking a chocolate cake... from scratch. We also get to eat the fruits of our labor.

The other day, we passed the Justice Building. This launched a nearly 20 minute discussion. We talked about what justice is, what a court house is used for, what a judge is, lawyers and suing people. This lead into talking about car insurance and then into health insurance and having babies with a midwife. The learning wasn't just for the kids; I so wanted to have a quiet time in the car. I could have... I'm the Mama. But I needed to lay down my "rights" and teach my girls. It was a blessing all around and was so much better than the silence I was longing for.

I don't feel that just because we school at home that every. single. moment. needs to be about what I teach them. Like so: if we see a butterfly flitting in our yard, we admire it. Done. I don't need to then pull out references of the life cycle of a caterpillar and how it turned into that butterfly and then assign an essay paper to write. We can just enjoy it for what it is.

I know one Mama who has her children alphabetize their CD collection. They get to look at the pictures and it's a chore done.

We are pretty relaxed around here. Most days we have book work at the table. But not always. The Justice Building discussion day? That was all in the car.

The grocery store is a HUGE learning time, whether you know it or not. "Kids, what vitamins do these apples have in them? How are the green ones different from the red? Okay... not please put 8 in this bag." See?

Oh there is so much more, too. Here are some links on lapbooking:
These are nice when you want something already researched with all the info done for you. A bit spendy though. Geat free lapbooks.
This is a good place to start, good explanation. - best one with videos to watch, you do need to register, but it's free. WONDERFUL!! Limited lapbooks unfortunately. Great Resource as well