Monday, April 20, 2009

Seriously Monday (Weekend Pics)

I'm taking time out today to make another entry for the Simple Woman's Daybook. Read more about her here.

Outside my window... tulips are pushing their way up out of the earth, the sun is singing and it's a happy, happy place
I am thinking...happy thoughts. Sun is good for me.
I am thankful for... not to be redundant, but..the sun. From the learning rooms...we're just getting started today, kids are counting down the days 'til summer. But we're studying plants/roots/seeds in science, Greek Mythology in History, adverbs in LA, units of measurement in math...I'm studying curriculum for next year. :)
From the kitchen...I almost forgot! That keeps happening! I think we're having Chili & cornbread, I'm going to get on that right this moment!
I am wearing... yoga pants, a t
I am creating...a photo album of a blog
I am procrastinate on a trip to Walmart by improvising
I am reading...Cultivating Contentment, Education Is, and Masterly Inactivity
I am hoping...for a good week for a weary friend
I am hearing...boys wrestling in the living room and Ralph cutting the grass out front for the first time in 2009.
Around the house...laundry, need to vacuum, beach towels and boys in swim trunks
One of my favorite things...waking up with the sunlight streaming in through our curtins and a house that I love...yes, I said love. I'll share more of my contentment journey soon.
A few plans for the rest of the week: haircut, worship practice, choir for kids, school, dentist appts, mailing a package, gearing up to go camping.
Here are a few picture thoughts I am sharing...

These are a 'snapshot' of our weekend...


runninggal said...

sun just makes everything fun!

runninggal said...

sun just makes everything fun!

Kristin said...

Great Pics Amanda! Where did you go? It looks cool and refreshing. I miss talking to you. When it gets this busy I feel like I am not connecting. Hope you have a nice day. I am not going to make it to Bible study again. Maybe this is my season to be content and stay home since the rest of my life is so crazy.


Amy said...

Amazing pictures! Whoa! Loved loved loved them ALL! That black and white of you is so stunning... beauty girl, you!

I am laughing at your dinner last night... we had the same thing.. chili and!! And it's so weird how lives can be doing so many of the same things.. hair...dinner... what next babies?? lol! NOOOOOO!!! ;) I will NOT be joinging you on that one.. well maybe if God allows it! Ha!

Have a beautiful day, my friend!