Sunday, January 4, 2009

Blogs? Why read them? You tell me!

I was feeling a little guilty as I sat down to catch up on all my favorite blogs. " There has to be something more productive I should be doing, right? Something more enriching to read?" But I'd just returned from a week long trek to CA, and I was missing my blog time!

So I read...and read and read. I got a heart-full.

I was thinking afterward about why. Why do I love reading blogs? My first guilt-ridden thought was that I was really needing to spend less time online, and more in person with friends. But then, I thought, let's be real. I spend a lot of time with my friends. So what's the draw to blogging? What's the draw to reading blogs?

Then I thought again about the stories I had been reading that night. Yarns spun, a million rich, real-life tales of women I love, admire, adore.

Stories of a friend caring for a sweet, God-loving mother-in-law, a new (fourth!) pregnancy, inspiration for building a beautiful, loving home, nutrition & health ideas, encouragment for spiritual growth, great adoption processes and stories of their transitions, inspiring stories of women of past, great money saving ideas, fantastic birth stories of a doula, a humorous & authentic take on parenting a toddler, a sweet running-mate who's having a surprise #5 baby, a friends faith-filled journey through chronic illness, stories of life on a hobby farm.

I love the stories. Rich, authentic, unfiltered true to life stories of women who walk through life with me. THAT is why I read blogs. I just wish they came in book form...

Why do you read blogs?

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