Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday, Little Critter

There are a series of books, the Little Critter books that happen to be our middlest sons' favorites. This is how he's adopted the Critter nickname, we often use it at home too. My sweet husband (who also loves the books) started it.

Critter turned 5 years old this week. Unbelieveable! Five years could really go by so fast?!

He started the day with a chocolate chip pancake, very fun stuff around here.

Then we celebrated Wednesday night with my family, out to pizza and cupcakes, gifts of course.

For a fun, friend birthday party we headed over to "Bouncing off the Wall" with a few friends. It was a blast.

Happy Birthday, to my sweet Middlest son, my basketball playing, rock collecting, witty, charming, faster than fast, inquisitive, snugly, sharp, bug collecting, animal loving, chattery, curly headed sweetie. Oh, we do love you!

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