Monday, December 8, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY: Simple Woman's Daybook
December 8, 2008...
Outside my window...Venus and Jupiter are still quite visible in the night sky. The sunset was amazing as I ran tonight, gets me all teary- that God would make beautiful sunsets just for us to see, daily.
I am thinking...that I really need someone to rub my big muscles. Okay, my tired muscles.
I am thankful for... the seriously fun family wrestling/tickle match that happened here tonight.
From the learning rooms...we studied King Tut & the Civil War, Artist named Wassily Kandisnsky. I love his work. In a few years, I'll be smarter than a fifth grader, indeed.
From the kitchen...the dishwasher is hard at work. My sweet husband made dinner and the pots are waiting for me. They'll wait.
I am pants, a hoodie, socks and slippers (post running gear)
I am creating...a NEW blanket for a Christmas gift, yes, I finished my red one. If you come over you can see it.
I am the couch, soon.
I am reading...a Karen Kingsbury Book, maybe called Sunset. Just started.
I am hoping...the dishes will do themselves.
I am hearing...Charlie Brown's Christmas, and my boys- delighted.
Around the house...A cool ramp for hot wheels, some wrapped gifts, laundry, toys, dust.
One of my favorite cream after the kids are in bed, before I am.
A few plans for the rest of the week:Bible Study, chatting with my sis on the phone, school, pine cone bird feeders, running, Mom and Dad for dinner Thursday.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Peanut spilled his stars, and picked them up one by one.


Jenny said...

Stars. Little tiny stars. One by one...

Hazel M. Wheeler said...

Just an FYI for your pinecone birdfeeders...I have learned that the glopped on peanut butter isn't that great for birdies. I don't know how to remedy that besides suet, so I used peanut butter mixed with cornmeal, to cut down on glop. The cornmeal has enough "tooth" so it still holds the seeds on.

Also, you can use a juiced-out orange half for a feeder. Make a hole in the bottom, thread a pipe cleaner through it, then add a bead to keep it on and thread end back up. So your orange now looks like an upside-down umbrella with a handle. Then fill center with suet/seeds mixture and afix to bushes, etc. Voila. The orange color is great because it stands out, attracting birdies. I hid ours in the choke cherries outside my kitchen window so that I might watch birds while washing up.