Saturday, December 6, 2008

Peace on Earth-Day Six: Play

Family game time! Memory? Life? Monopoly? Uno? Sorry? Chinese Checkers?

Make it fun too, bake cookies to eat while you gather and play. Christmas music, hot by candle/christmas light. Be creative! Last year we got some Dreidels as a gift from my dad. I'll get those out and we'll play...with Jelly Beans!

Necessity~ Don't forget to excersize. Sure it's cold and you don't have to go ANYWHERE near a bathing suit, but think of how good you'll feel at the end of the day! Pray, read, meditate on the Calmer of our hearts.

Also, it's time to get those Christmas cards going if you haven't already....

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Cathy said...

fun! I have found memories of this as a kid and now we do that with our kids.(not often enough, though!) Last night we did family movie night complete with sleeping bags, lots of pillows, lots of popcorn and peanut butter m&m's! ...yum! cards might be late:)

(posting by name cause it's telling me my google password is wrong...what??)