Thursday, December 18, 2008

Peace On Earth- Day 18; Contentment

Well, if you saw my post yesterday, you saw that I was looking for input, and I got it! I'm going to cheat for today and steal my friend Cathy's "peace" (thanks Cathy)

Enjoy, be contented...

"My peace on earth right now is: contentment.
Something I've struggled with my entire life and interestly enough at a time when my present outward circumstances would(in the past) have thrown me for a loop, right now are growing and teaching me in ways I could never have imagined.

~So I'm content that I haven't once stepped foot in a store to do Christmas shopping.
~I'm content with our little tree with homemade/construction paper ornaments, homemade foil star, and borrowed colored balls, lights, and tree stand.
~I'm content with the food we have, because God gave it to us.
~I'm content in my relationships.
~I'm content with my roles in life right now.
~I'm content with my old clothes because I'm not naked! (I think we can ALL be thankful for that one!)
~I'm content with not giving out Christmas cards, because I'm sure my friends will be OK.
~I'm content where God has placed us right here, right now.

Not just contentment, but also JOY because these things have made me look even more intently at the birth of my Savior and how it changed the world forever and my heart.
It's been Christmas simplified down to just Christ. And I love it."


Amy said...

mmmmmm... contentment!
There's a tough one for me!
AT times I can hear my flesh screaming at me... the wants... the lusting after what I don't have....

Love your list!

Hugs.. Amy

Julie said...

Sweet post! Sorry I don't leave comments a ton, I read every entry! It just takes too long to always leave a post.

However, I love this idea. It's hard for me now to not look at my lovely family and feel perfectly content, but there was a time when I was always longing for something that I didn't yet have (like my hubby that I had not met yet!).

Content feels so good. It's my key to peace!

Anonymous said...

of course i would go pottery painting with you...maybe we should take the kids during Cmas break...would your boys like it?? =)