Thursday, November 13, 2008

I teach my children well

This morning my boys were drawing. Amazing little pictures they come up with, it's one of my favorite things.

Litter Critter says to his dad;
"Look dad, I made everything dangerous in this picture; guns, cannons, swords, earwigs, knifes, scepters, tornadoes..."


Did he say earwigs? Dangerous? I couldn't agree more.

It must be fresh on his mind, yesterday we found one in the bathroom and I didn't try and hide my disgust for these useless ugly little creatures. This is only noteable because I really have no problem with other bugs or spiders. In fact, I helped a nice Daddy-Long-Legs out the back door this morning so he could continue a happy outdoor life. I don't mind the other bugs. But earwigs. Maybe it's the name. Do they really get in your ears? (shudder)

Ew. My son is smart, and I made it that way. Earwigs are dangerous.


Cathy said...

I couldn't agree more! Very smart boy indeed! I despise those nasty things:)

Karyn said...

That picture is so cute! You've got a creative little fella there. And I agree that earwigs are dangerous, but so are spiders in my book!!!

DotBlogger said...

Oh I love it.

Hazel Dodge said...

Can I be big sistery and burst your bubble and say that earwigs aren't actually dangerous...but they sure are built to look that way! I used to do friendly spider transport, but my Protective Mama Brain now just says "Kill Kill".
Silverfish, tho...ugh, shudder! There go the books!!