Sunday, November 9, 2008

For Tonight....

For Today...

Outside my Window...dark skies close in on us early

I am thinking...about the next week, looking forward to school and the rhythmn of life.

From the learning rooms...studying lines in artwork, love learning new spanish, penmanship is getting tight and oh, we love to read!

I am thankful for...good conversation and a little time with my sweet husband tonight. An at-home-date right in the kitchen with ice cream too!

From the is closed. Candle burns sweet.

I am wearing...jeans, tshirt, slippers and Ralph's fleece.

I am reading...Hide, The Bible and my study, Swiss Family Robinson and The Horse and His Boy of the Narnis series.

I am get started with Christmas gifting soon, and for more Christmas gift ideas (see next blog)

I am creating...lots of yummy back up meals in the freezer

I am hearing...Ralph get ready for bed.

Around the house...lots to be done, but it will all get done. The boys are sweetly sleeping and my bed awaits me and a good book.

One of my favorite things...when Little Critter brings me nature's treasures, so beautiful leaves, today.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The dig further into school, play memory with my boys, meet up with some friends, clean out my car, meet up with a group of girls from church, a baby shower, take the boys for a hike with the sole purpose of turning over every rock we can find to see what's beneath, falling in love with nature again ...

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

Scooter in Snow- November 2006

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Suzanne said...

Is this picture recent?? Do you really have snow already?? I'm jealous! We have our new snow pants out and ready. :-) I guess we have a little longer to wait than you.