Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rants & things

Anyone who's spent a decent amount of time with me in life knows it's not necessary to ask that ridiculous question of me, but yesterday I heard it again.

I wanted to yell or laugh or be terribly sarcastic.

"Do your kids get enough socialization?"

Hmph. *Hmph. *Hmph. *Hmph. *$&(&^#!!

First of, let's correct the phrase. What you're wondering, I'm guessing, is whether my kids get enough time socializing (with other children).

--I just read this in an article re: socializing homeschooled children:

I have found that asking someone who is concerned about "socialization" just what *they* mean by "socialization" can be a really interesting and revealing experience. Besides, often the person will get so involved in explaining their particular concerns they end up answering their own questions, letting you off the hook. :-)
Great idea!--

Anyhow, this question just disgusts me...I wonder if people think that I care so much for my kids' education, preservation, protection...whatever, but not for their social interaction amongst others.

We all know that no one puts their child in 5th grade simply to be socialized...but to be educated. Do I think I can provide all that my boys can get in school? Yes, and more.

Look at my week:
Monday~ School & stay at home day
Tuesday~ Bible Study & Wilderness Day Hike and Exploration
Wednesdsay~ School & Storytime & book finding at the Library
Thursday~ School and Playgroup
Friday~ School and Chess/games club or Park date w/ other homeschool kids.

Really now, as if they don't get enough social time with their brothers, we're out all the time. Oftentimes I know we'll have to say no to things that are just too busy for our busy days.

Enough, enough, enough. I'm done ranting. I love the solution that other mom had. I'll just start asking questions?

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