Friday, September 26, 2008


Because it's all I'm feeling this morning, after taking a look at Jen's blog this morning.

28 Things for Which I'm Thankful
  1. A kind husband who loves and supports me, and is my best friend.
  2. The beginning of a green thumb.
  3. Things I love in my home, dishes, quilts, plants, boys.
  4. Grace.
  5. The career of my choosing, with many great benefits.
  6. The ladies' Bible Study (and Shelli, for leading it)
  7. Sweet memories of my daddy when I was little.
  8. Three sweet boys that are whispering birthday secrets this morning (mine is next week. :)
  9. Old, dear friends.
  10. I can run, and I have a great trail to run on right here.
  11. Our stinky, chewy puppy.
  12. Autumn.
  13. Jesus' daily presence in my life.
  14. The buds on my orchid.
  15. Support within Homeschool Groups and my newfound book group.
  16. Women's Wellness
  17. God wants me to ask for help- everyday.
  18. Food in our pantry everyday
  19. Snow days.
  20. New, dear friends.
  21. Three living Grandparents, and the other who I'll see again one day.
  22. A friendship with my mom
  23. That I'll never stop growing, getting wise- and hopefully, child like.
  24. Who I am in Christ.
  25. Books.
  26. Who I'm not, because I have Him.
  27. The big windows in my bedroom.
  28. Blogging friends. ;)


Cathy said...

I'm baaaack! and I love reading what people are thankful for!

Jennifer in OR said...

Awesome list, gives me warm thoughts. :-) Thanks for thinking of me and linking! Miss seeing you, and tell me about your book group.