Sunday, September 7, 2008

Audacious Autumn

I have said before that Autumn and Spring are my favorite times of year. That is no different this year, I simply love the changes in the air.

The way the shadows grow longer sooner in the day.
Coolness, sharpness on this mountain air,
the slow change in the colors around, bright pastels rust away to autumn colors.

The trees, of course, the trees...flash the bright colors of their leaves in one last shout that they are the grandest bit of nature around.

My crockpot chuggs away, making my work a bit lighter and wafting the house with scents of dinner to come. I pull out the jeans, the sweatshirts and sweaters, tuck away swim trunks and look forward to snuggling up in a favorite sweater and quilt on the couch with a favourite book or a boy. Another blanket on the bed, and too soon we'll shut the ol' house fan down.

I love the fall.

A very fun thing I wanted to share...we're collecting seeds this year. Perhaps I'm having more fun with this than the boys are, but we're finding seeds!

You'll find us outside in our flowers squishing away at the wilting away seed pods and flower, searching for signs of life. We've started a bit of a collection for our nature museum we're building. Drying, waiting and planting...with great hopes of a huge harvest of many, many flowers next summer. I need to borrow seeds of some willing neighbors too, we've had an offer for a bit of a tour from a wild-flower-flowing neighbor, I'm excited to get down there. Maybe this week....

Anyone know...should we sow these seeds in the fall or the spring? Tips?

Post Script~ I've moved all my herbs indoors, as well as my potted jasmine without consequence. With eastern light they seem to be doing well. I can just taste my favorite mozzerella-basil-tomato on sourdough in January, and look forward to figuring out what on earth to do with a pineapple sage. Herbs, they are the spice of the kitchen, and SO much cheaper this way! As for the jasmine, it's too cold to winter it out, so we'll see how it does indoors. My bedroom smells sweetly of sweet peas, roses and jasmine. Ah, I'm rich!

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runninggal said...

I have all my herbs in the herb garden, stuck there to die. What a great plan to have them in pots so you can bring them in!!

I needed your post! I have always loved the Fall, but this year the crash of our lazy summer into the wall of extreme business is leaving me breathless.