Saturday, August 23, 2008


Whilst many mom's are busy preparing their little ones for a new year at school, I'm hustling...getting my stuff together for another year of Home-In-Stead. My brain has been a flurry of non-stop thoughts.... schedule science crafts Critter Science Charlotte Mason Math Sweet Pea Housework(?) Hobbies Spelling History buy books! Geography sports boys Legoboy Play Dates Field Trips

You get the idea. #574 wonderful thing about schooling at home is that this, however we mom's all make it out to be, does NOT all have to be set in a teacher's planning book, as is would if you were a teacher. However, I have to get the whole ball rolling, as it goes we'll gather some new and drop out some unwanted (don't worry, not the important stuff!) and evolve. So I really need not sweat getting my lesson plans past week 2. By then, I'll know that things have to change for sure in certain areas and my expectation and goals are probably too lofty yet.

I do intend to create a side bar for those (relatives) interested in just what we're doing for these 36-some weeks. I'll do my best to keep you up with what's happening here- big progress. This year Little Critter is showing big interest in Science, which is no stranger in this house, and Lego boy is reading up a storm & Sweet Pea just wants to keep up with the rest. I'm looking forward to getting the year started and learning alongside my boys. YeeeeeHaw!

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ohhollyf said...

You go momma !
We are starting with money recon. and writting letters, small beginings for a busy boy..