Saturday, August 30, 2008


We've had a fun harvest this year, more fun than ever with the boys so involved, picking whatever whether it's ripe, smelling the garden herbs, sucking the mint and tasting the basil. My littler two run around munching on finger-sized carrots to their hearts' content.

The garden has grown wonderfully, perhaps a bit of a monster now. The vine we were calling a pumpkin (put a pumpkin seed in that whole) is coming up to look more like a squash of some sort. The tomatoes are not turning red, though there are more than 20 out there. The bush beans have been dinner several nights, sweet and yummy. We plan to dry the beans and use them again next year. Our lone asparagus is growing sweet and the broccoli beginning to flower.

My favorite thing, though is just being out there. The fresh smell of the earth, warm sun on my neck, doggy sniffing around me; I gather, smell, bask in my garden.

This all takes me back to that bit in The Shack about the garden and Sarayu....remember?

This year we'll tear down the garden box and next spring we'll dig up some yard to give us a larger space. I think it's key to do a little of a lot of things, I wish for cukes and zuchinni, peppers and more onion. I love to grow stuff, and then using it is so satisfying. I'd have to say the best use of things I get it the herbs, which I'm going to try and grow inside this winter. If you have any experince doing this I'd love to hear your tips!

Happy August!

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