Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wordy Weekend

Ralph and I tackled the task of painting Joey's room yesterday, with plans for a big finish in Nate and Eli's room today. The painting was fun to do with my sweet husband. We rarely get to do projects together, and we had a fun time chatting and joking like old friends. We finished in the afternooon, the boys played and watched the boob toob all morning, so we spent time with them in the evening. These boys a truly a delight.

I like the room paint. The more I'm in there, the more I like it. It's truly a blue boys' room.

Then I hitched up my running gear & doggy, all set with a new playlist of worshipful music. I've been missing worship these days, haven't been singing over the summer. I did a good three mile run, enjoyed as always, watching Juneau run circles around me and chase birdies in the canyon. Good run.

When I got back Ralph told me Nate had a fever. So I snuggled up with my little guy and held him through the peaking fever. The remainder of the evening was spent with him, pretty much. I tucked him in bed and only got through half of the second book when he rolled over and fell fast asleep. I spent much of the night with him too, he needed me close to him. I'm grateful to be available for that- knowing that R would let me sleep in after a long night.

And I did just that. I didn't wake until 8:30- unheard of for me. I showered while Ralph and Joe got ready to head to church. The littlter boys and I would be mellow at home. And we did. Puzzles, a movie for a feverish boy who just couldn't move, and playdoh. After church dad called and invited whomever to go camping with himself and my nephew. Ralph and Joey packed up and were off.

So my afternoon and evening were again full of little boys, relaxing and tickles, a bike ride (fever is subsiding)and picking apples from our neighbors' tree...count 'em all. Read some books, get in a good snuggle and bed. Now I'm getting in some good writing, reading.

Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment, had a cleaning/exam last week with a new dentist. My dentist last year wasn't a great experience. Turns out I have a big fat cavity (it was on my x-rays from my LAST dental exam, but not mentioned) that needs immediate attention. The dentist hopes to fill it, but it may be my first & dreaded root canal. Pray for a filling, please!

I found a great article about scheduling a planning day for us schooling at home mama's. I am just so excited about the idea. A whole day to get the plan together, figure out which books I need immediately. It's a huge burden lifted- sometimes it's hard to play through summer when I know there is work to be done, but haven't assigned that work. Painting & decorating the boys' rooms help me with that won't be hanging over me in the fall when I need to be giving all my attention to school. After all, I have three boys to teach!

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Karyn&Kelly said...

I need paint color details woman! He he he. Can't wait to have a looksie! :)