Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The important Stuff

Two weeks ago we had a baptism out at the property of a family in our church. Joey decided to be baptized, much to our surprise. We have been careful to explain the process and meaning of baptism; we are baptized as an act of our love for God, acceptance of the work He's completed for us, and our desire to live in obedience to him. After giving it a lot of thought Joey asked to be baptized. My sweet friend Cathy took photos (I took movies) of Joey and her own son's baptisms.

If you want to see some fun photos from afterward (there was a huge BBQ and a fun time at the rope swing, yes, I did it!) have a peek at Cathy's blog, you'll see Ralph's, Nate's and even my flight. SO fun!


MooBeeMa said...

Cool pond! That looks fun.

ohhollyf said...

That just warms my heart, I luv chidren' faith, so pure.