Friday, July 18, 2008

Humility at it's finest

For the last year or so I've been praying on a regular basis for humility. I am always careful to ask that God gently humble me. Pride is a real issue for me, honestly. I know none of you know what I'm talking about- this pride thing, but I won't go into the ugly details of how much pride I take in mothering, the order of my home, my relationships, even my walk with God.

Youch! It's hard for me to even admit it but I'd be a fool to think that no one observes these things.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to be part of a book group for homeschooling moms, studying a book, When Children Love to Learn. I'm just loving the book, and feel that in many ways I'm learning how to teach in so many ways.

Mostly, though, I am so blessed to get to sit- a fly on the wall- with many gentle, gracious and very wise women in the ways of teaching their own children. I love just listening. I could do it all day and am sad that we meet only monthly. However, I quickly realized that I have taken nearly three pages of notes and so I will have a little work to do in the in-between time.

I am so very humbled, some part of me thought than in a way I had arrived after successfully growing three boys out of babyhood...they all now eat, dress, play, even explore themselves. But I forget! My experience with these boys has only begun! I have far to go, and some really great parenting/schooling stuff to learn with these sweet ones. What a blessed journey!

I have in this journey, the blessing to learn with my boys, grow along with them and to become more Christ-like, with my identity all wrapped up in Him. What a joy!

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