Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Women's Wellness Works for Me

After I finished nursing (a complete six year stretch) my littlest boy, I suddenly had a surge of hormones that didn't seem to go away. Night sweats? Check. Hot flashes? Check. Crazy cycles? Check. Irritability? ALRIGHT ALREADY! I SAID CHECK!!!

My sweet double-cousin*, after hearing of my ails, told me about a supplement that has saved her bacon. Her husband's too, she claims. Being that we closely share genetic makeup, I thought I'd give it a try, even if it is sold on TV.

This little bottle of Women's Wellness from Andrew Lessman has been a huge help for me. I've been amazed at the immediate turn around in my bimonthly grumps, and all my other symptoms have amazingly vanished. This supplement works best for me if I remember to take it, take one a day when things are settled down and two a day when things aren't.

Works for Me!

* My cousin is double...My mom's sister married my dad's brother, we're literally doubly cousins.


KivaJane said...
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Heart of Wisdom said...

double cousins, how cool is that!

Thanks for sharing.


Felton/Casey said...

My husband has double cousin's too! Anyhow, I will have to try those. I don't get hot flashes or anything, but the moody stuff for sure. Do they help with energy levels or depression that comes with the moodiness?

Amanda said...

I just might have to give this a try thanks!!!