Monday, June 9, 2008

New Weeks Resolution: Listen

I've read before that it takes 28 days to make a habit.

Usually when I think of habits, I think of trying to break a bad one. I rarely set out to make a good one. I recently read a book by Sonya Shafer that got me thinking about helping your kids to create good habits for life. You can download it for free, if you like here. Look for the link entitled Education is (free e-book).

Setting out to create good habits is how we can make all our "resolutions" in life come to pass.

So now I'm thinking about my habits; This week I'm setting out to listen better. Talking to my sister-in-law last week got me thinking. She was telling me how she has taken time in the evening to sit with her daughter and just listen. I loved the idea, purposing to hang out with your kiddos and just listen to learn about what's going on with them. I listen in passing so much, but need to sit down with the kids more and just listen.

I'm with my boys most all day, most every day. We have interactions throughout the day. But I see the beginnings of independence more and more the older they get. My six year old's new answer to most questions is the illusive "I dunno." We're aiming to ask more specific questions, but somehow I think I have my work cut out for me- to pry into that little brain from time to time to learn more about his take on life and how he's feeling about things.

I read once with boys that if you want them to talk freely, it's best to sit with them when their hands are busy and wait for their thoughts to flow. I'm going to practice that this week. If you all have more ideas or help kids feel comfortable sharing with parents freely, please share! I'll post your ideas. :)

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