Monday, June 16, 2008

In the Backyard..

So JUNE is finally almost warm enough to set up a pool. We've had a long drawn out Spring around here, so Ralph finally set up the pool with some higher numbers in the forecast. As we all know though, it takes more than a day (a week?, a month?) to heat up a 3x12x12 pool. The boys got in, and have several times....but it was chilly! If you watch my sidebar, I'm going to track our hours of play in the pool this summer.

On our Thursday hike Eli the brave hunted and captured some catapilliars. The boys really enjoyed playing with them until they were all squished and dead. I kind of resigned myself to their fate...Eli packed each one all around for days. The boys also managed to "cook" a gopher snake in the sun that I captured for quick observation. We're keeping buggy heaven busy!

...and these are just the beginning of the photos for a busy, busy weekend!


The Daileys said...

As a fellow mother of boys I simply love how you phrase things. I get a giggle out of it ever time! An understanding giggle, that is!

Jennifer in OR said...

I like how you're logging the pool hours - great idea. I hope we get ours set up soon...It does take awful long to warm it up.