Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Home, Sticky Home

I was mopping the floor to the tunes of Ralph and the boys playing "No Little Boys on My Couch" this evening. The shriek of little boy laughter and the negotiations went something like this:

Dad: There is only one thing better than one little boy in jail, it's two little boys in jail! Ha ha (evil laughter) (Dad keeps a boy captured under his legs)
Nate: Daddy, you get to drink a baby bottle!
Boys: Shrieks of laughter
Dad: Ah-ha! ((He captures another boy) There's one thing better than a little boy in jail- that's two little boys in jail! And now I have two little boys in jail! There is only one thing better than two little boys in jail.....Where O where is Eli???

Because I had so much free time while the boys were in "jail", I mopped really, really well. Then I noticed the baseboards. Yes, yes, I've noticed them hundreds of times before, but tonight I had a strange amount of energy (as did Ralph) to tackle them. I got on my hands and knees and chased a google of little fingerprints and splash marks throughout the dining room and kitchen. I thought about all those sentimental little poems about fingerprints on the wall, and how someday they would disappear, and it made the work easier somehow.

My house is sometimes sticky, sometimes messy, my house is oftentimes loud. But all for good reason, my house is a home for three little sweet boys who get to run around freely all day, I get to keep them here with me for just a little while, and it's worth all the silliness and fingerprints.

...and if you don't know what a google is, you really should get a six year old.

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Jennifer in OR said...

What a sweet little post. All for good reason, as you say. I hope you got your package I left with Julie. I'm so sorry I couldn't make the hike. The open head wound....deer sheds should carry warning signs for little children. :-)