Thursday, June 5, 2008

Girls' Night Out

A small group of friends went to Red Dog last night for a last minute Girls Night Out. It was a ball, first we hit the local Goodwill where I scored a number of books and two pairs of jeans. I needed the jeans SOOO bad, glad to have the time to shop! Then we went to dinner and talked into the wee hours. Photos courtesy of Cathy (everyone had cameras but me.)

Another, larger, more celebratory girls' night out is due celebrate several birthdays....Rosemary, Kristin, Julie (&1/2), I missing any? Let's pick a date. All friends are invited.


Karyn&Kelly said...

Hee hee! You win! :) Soooo fun...and totally worth the extreme exhaustion that has taken over me today. Oopsie daisy!

Deb said...

My Birthday is in August, is that close enough?

Jennifer in OR said...

July okay? :-)