Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wordy Weekend

I'm sitting because I just haven't all day, except to cheer on Nate and Joe in their last soccer games of the season. Nate's game was at noon, it was bright and warm (yes, I have yet another sunburn on the back of my neck) and Joe's was at 3, dark and cloudy. Another crazy May day here in the mountains.

Speaking of mountains,
caught this photo on my drive through last weekend. Eli and I went to celebrate my sweet Aunt Elieen's Birthday. It's been tradition (my second) year spend the morning painting pottery, then head to lunch. All my auntie's come, though I was missing Auntie Pudding this year, due to a nasty cold. My grandma Short came this year, it was great to see her too, teensy as she is. Many of my cousins come too and it's a fabulous time to sit and catch up. This year for lunch we hit a McMenniman's on the river, it was just beautiful and I had a fabulous Burger. Eli painted too, for FIVE hours, the boy painted. Famously patient and tolerant of all our womanly chatter. I can only assume that it's because he gets his fair share of testosterone at home.

Speaking of testosterone, last
night Joe and I were hanging out on the couch...
Joe: Mom, one day you're goi
ng to be a grandma! (Joy filled face)
Mom: I will, can I babysit for you then? Joe: Yeah, I'll be a dad. Sometimes, I can't help it. I'm with little girls and my girl friends and they're so pretty I just want to marry them when I grow up. Mom: Ahhhh...
Speaking of Ahhh...

Nate didn't have a nap again one day this week.
The boys were playing upstairs and I was working on laundry, I had to find Nate snoozing on the couch.

Speaking of snoozing...

I'm going to go chill. If you haven't already, take a moment and check out the UTube below. You won't be sorry.

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