Monday, May 12, 2008

How am I loved? Let me count the ways...

What a sweet Mother's Day. Two of my little boys climbed in bed with me at 4:30 (yes, mom, a.m.) to wish me a happy mother's day. They could hardly stand it. I got a sweet card from Joey,

with a picture of he and I together.

The boys worked
together with dad to make me breakfast too. Luxury! Speaking of luxury, my sweet husband got me a (much needed) pedicure. Can't wait!
All the boys chose flowers for the yard for me, a perfect, sweet gift that reflected all of their own tastes and style. I love them!

Nate also made a picture
of me, holding sunflowers. Is this cute or what?

To top it off, my
in-laws sent me a a beautiful bouquet and a very tender note. What a blessed, blessed mama I am!


The Daileys said...

Oh blessed Mommy! Early flower picking risers you have there! LOL! You sound tickled by it all ;)

Cathy said...

Isn't it wonderful???? I LOVED my Mama flowers too! Oh and Billy said part of my gift is that I could go get a pedicure...wish we could go together again!...maybe:)