Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Diggin', Manure & Seeds

The boys and I took about a foot of soil off the top of the garden bed this weekend, we needed to get rid of the horse manure that my mom and dad so kindly donated. I was happy to have the boys help, we found several earthworms along the way and that was of course a kick for the boys. When I told Joe that in High School we dissected earthworms, his response was "Of course! You girls hate worms!" Got a good laugh out of that, and then I told him that this girl doesn't really mind 'em.

The boys were all happy to dig but got a little territorial, each with a plan to dig his own hole. Then I spread the manure and all the soil went back in. I'm a little worried about keeping the boys out of it now, I have onions and asparagus (from last year) in. It was Ralph's idea to scare them...."No more digging! There is poop in there!" While boys love to talk about such things, playing in it is a whole different matter and I'm hoping this will keep them OUT.

Not by mistake, our science lessons have been leading us up to growth of seeds and plants. So of course, we did a small experiment yesterday, planting three seeds, one gets light and water. One gets darkness and water. One just gets light and no water. We'll be watching those seeds, as well as the carrots, lettuce, broccoli, beans...and more we planted indoors yesterday. If our weather continues to get warmer as it should, we'll soon put them out in the box and then the boys can watch them grow! Oh, the bliss of spring.

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