Saturday, April 19, 2008

Meet my new running partner....

this is Juneau. We got Juneau earlier this week and he is just the sweetest puppy. He's 1/2 lab, 1/2 husky. His mom was husky, from Alaska. So far he's a fabulous puppy. I've even taken him on a few short runs, and I think one of these days I might just have a partner each time I run. This was a big motive for me in having another little boy around the house. You see, I run in the canyon which runs wild with wild cougar (and maybe wild people). I'm looking forward to not looking so "alone" out there.

But obviously, that's not all a puppy is good for he's great for taking good photos and sleeping in the funniest places. He's great for keeping little boys busy and company too. Why don't you come meet him?

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The Daileys said...

Oh he is just precious!!!!! ANd what a great idea for a running parnter- I would be nevous in that setting too! I am so happy for your new addition!

Hilary said...

Aghhhh, so cute!! And I'm glad you'll have gaurd puppy to protect you on your runs! :)