Wednesday, April 9, 2008

La luz de colores

These fabulous lights that my crafty sister Megan made for the boys. They were a Christmas gift, and yes, it only took me a few months to get around to hanging them. I regret it, they're so beautiful! Megan carefully crafted oragami balloons to slip over the lights on a strand of Christmas lights, and I simply love them. They're amazingly colorful, and so safe too. The perfect solution to a sweet four year old who doesn't want to go to sleep in the dark these days. Thank you, thank you auntie Megan, a very thoughtful gift...and I always love a gift that doesn't sit on the floor. :)

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Hilary said...

Origami is so neat! Our good friend Mike is an amazing origami-ist; he made us a entire cuckoo clock for a wedding present! But I have tried over & over to make a crane and I can't do it :)