Wednesday, January 16, 2008

An Old Favorite

I'd like to share with you....and many other people would too. If you haven't already heard, there is a fantastic yahoo groups out there called Freecycle. This organization is proving itself in the most lovely way for me.

Let me tell you a little about it;

1. You go to the website, and find your local group
2. You sign up to receive all the local posts, or if you live in a HUGE area you may just want to surf the adds. I get all the posts in my inbox.
3. You find something around your house that you don't love or need anymore, but that someone else might just need. It could be a bag of too small diapers, a set of silverware, an odd chair that fits nowhere, or even a half full bottle of shampoo.
4. You post an "Offer" to your community.
5. Someone wants your 1/2 full bottle of shampoo. You make arrangements with them to pick it up. ( I always just leave the item on my front porch for them to pick up)
6. Your shampoo trash is someone's treasure!
7. Now you realize that you need....say a vcr, a pincushion, a stack of Reader's Digest Magazines. 8. You put out a "Wanted" email. In just hours you have three replies, and arrange to go pick up what you need. Their trash, your treasure.
9. Someone else posts an "offer" for 28 cd's from the 90's, three unopened cans of peaches, or a doggy crate, and you're all over that one. Hurry, respond and say you'll pick them up tomorrow! You might just get that treasure!

I highly recommend Freecycle. This week I treasured a bird cage and a toddler bed (yes, we put the crib away...another blog). Fabulous! Even better, I freecycled 4 bathrobes, a pair of shoes, a barely working electric blanket and a jacket. So fun to share! Try it!

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