Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The gift that's giving again

For Christmas, I got two little teeny finches. I've been contemplating getting finches for years, this year Ralph did it for me. I got a sweet little pair named Clementine and Pete. We've enjoyed their song, and sweet birdy company.

Knowing that finches do lay eggs, I did some reading and bought a nest for them, along with some nesting materials for them to make the nest comfy. I've enjoyed their care. They get fruit and hard boiled eggs (I know, I know....cannibalism) every day. Ralph says if he were a finch he'd want me to be his owner.

This morning I got the cage down to feed them, and lo and behold...TWO EGGS in the nest! I could hardly believe that in just over a week these two are already on the ball and making good use of the nest. My reading tells me that though finches lay between 2 & 10 eggs (one a day) oftentimes, the first few clutches will not hatch or survive b/c the parents are new at this game and have to learn just how to care for them. After Clementine finishes laying her clutch, she'll begin incubating and in a couple of weeks I should have another report...baby birds or none.

10 new finches? Anyone want some sweet birdies?

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The Daileys said...

Oh how very exciting! You might be expecting! (birdies that is...) ;)