Saturday, December 22, 2007

Super Sweets

My man, to the rescue again!

I, being the clever mom that I am, locked away some of the kids' Christmas gifts in an attic closet that is in their room. Yes, it might seem nuts for me to hide them so close to where they sleep and play...but there is a LOCK on the door. The gifts will surely be tucked safely away.

But my plan backfired on me. I LOST the only key, just a few days ago. It was just today that I noticed! Yikes! So I just spent 2 hours searching the house for this little key, for which I'm responsible. The entire time, praying, and imagining the sadness on the boys' faces when we tell them they'll have to wait...Santa got locked in a closet.

Enter Super sweet, amazingly crafty husband. He quickly grabs a screwdriver, walks up the to the closet, pops the hinges off and poof! Christmas presents are released! Horray for Super Sweets. One of the many times this fantastic man has saved me. Did I ever tell you about the time that he dove intos a soupy swampy lake to retrieve my car keys? Or the time he rescued me when I was lost in downtown Oakland at 2 a.m.? Or when he took the sink apart to find my lost earring? Ahhhh, what love will do to a man. Gotta love it.

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The Daileys said...

YAY Superman! Gotta love a hubby who plays the hero and comes through ;)