Monday, December 17, 2007

Joey Six

Mom: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Joe: A firefighter, a scientist and a policeman.
Mom: What's your favorite color?
Joe: Red
Mom: Still?
Joe: Yep.
Mom: What's your favorite thing about Nanna and Grandpa?
Joe: That they have property full of rocks to play in.
Mom: What's your favorite thing to do at home?
Joe: Play Legos, trains and hot wheels, and play with my friends.
Mom: How do you make a good cookie?
Joe: Hmm, with chocolate chips inside and sprinkles.
Mom: What do you like to do on a family trip?
Joe: Go to a hotel.
Mom: Really, why?
Joe: Because it's nice there.
Mom: What's your favorite store?
Joe: My little play store that I make in my room.
Mom: What's your favorite thing to do with Mae mae and Papa?
Joe: Invite Zander over to their house
Mom: What's your favorite dinner?
Joe: Cheese Pizza
Mom: What does a six year old do?
Joe: He wants to get a Star Wars Lego ship, watch Star Wars and everything for Star Wars.

Happy Birthday to my Joey, I hope six is a great year for you!

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The Daileys said...

How sweet! I love the quesstionarre idea- you have some great ideas!