Friday, December 21, 2007

Gingerbread Boys

We want to show off a little of our work. One of our favorite Christmas time traditions is making Gingerbread houses. It seems that stress is becoming part of this tradition for me.

Things I've learned when making gingerbread houses:

~ALWAYS glue the house together with icing way before the kiddos come to the table ready to decorate, lest you be tempted to start weighing down the house with candy and icing too soon. This WILL result in a landslide of the house, starting with the roof, next the walls fall down and everything is ruined, and everyone in the house is crying, including, or especially mommy who by this time just wants the job DONE.

~There is WAY too much candy included in the box for the house itself. This is good, it's likely that your kiddos will sneak some of the candy, but it's also bad, as you don't want them to get too much, starting off "sugar December" ( another topic entirely).

~ The little gingerbread men included in the package, are the easiest, flat, small things for little hands to decorate.

Notice, you will not see a photo of our house this year. It just ain't pretty. When the roof started to slide, mommy yelled "THE HOUSE IS DONE!" in order to keep little eyes from seeing the horrific sight about to take place and threw it on a high shelf. It almost looks like a house from kid-height. I think you can see it in the photos of our living room in the post to come next. :)

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The Daileys said...

Too funny! We do a house every year, usually, but with Luke's dietary restricitons this year we haven't and I really miss the drama... thanks for a taste of yours!