Sunday, November 18, 2007


The boys had lessons again. This set of lessons was through the homeschool co-op. It was fun to be in lessons with friends. (Joey and Thomas) I was excited to see that the boys are doing really well, really progressing. I didn't put them in at all this summer, took them to play at the pool a lot and all of them got comfy with their faces in the water, and scooting around under there. I'm excited to see the learning this winter. They have no lessons this week, but start again next week. For that session Eli and I will do a class too.

The city of Redmond will be getting a ginormous water park sometime in the next few years. A main attraction, for out of towners and locals alike. I want the boys to hold their own too. I'm also really looking forward to white water rafting with our kids. :) But I do the math....the boys have to be at least six years that will be at least 5 years from now or so. I can't wait!

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The Daileys said...

Looks like they are having fun! My boys had lessons this summer and the one that I thought would really do well didn't and the one that I thought would be scared actually ended up graduating 2 classes above the one he began in. It is such an important skill for them to know... no to tmentiona ton of fun! Way to go!